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An open protocol creates additional risks for the development of B2C. A platform can be a target for cyber attacks that will have a negative impact on its cost, reputation, tools, and customers’ personal data. The team will engage every resource at its disposal to ensure the project’s safety, but notes that it is not impervious.



The adoption of new laws regulating cryptocurrency turnover and the implementation of token sales worldwide is just beginning. B2C warns contributors that it is not responsible for possible changes in the project in the event of a possible restriction on cryptocurrency projects and Token sales in different jurisdictions.

Blockchain technology is a recent development, and the technical and legal issues associated with it are virtually unregulated or nonexistent. B2C notes that it is not responsible for the possible adoption of laws regulating Blockchain technology by any country that would adversely affect the development of the project or the entire crypto industry



The B2C token is used as an exchange tool between all members of the B2C platform to pay. The platform is not responsible for the fluctuation of the B2C token if it is listed on  third-party exchanges. Cryptocurrencies currently have a high volatility. Financial losses are 

possible in the event of acute fluctuations in cryptocurrency. If any jurisdiction implements a law with adverse effects on the crypto industry, translation of tokens to fiat currency could become difficult or impossible. After contributing to the token sale and before the launch of the project, contributors could lack the ability to use tokens in any way or sell them.



B2Coin neither guarantees nor accepts responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, current or completeness of this content. Individuals intending to invest in the platform should seek independent professional advice prior to acting on any of the information contained in this paper. Prospective purchasers of B2C tokens should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with B2coin and their respective businesses and operations. If any of such risks and uncertainties develop into actual events, the business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects of B2coin could be materially and adversely affected. In such cases, you may lose all or part of the value of B2C tokens.



You should consult your own legal, financial, tax or another professional adviser regarding B2coin and their respective businesses and operations. You should be aware that you may be required to bear the financial risk of any purchase of B2C tokens for an indefinite period of time.



      Nowadays, we have to choose several tools to create a property. We are confined to time concept with 24 hours in a day. The smart time scheduling is not to let the market take control of your life. But you have to give your valuable time to dominate the market you invest.

          With an increase in the popularity of the Cryptocurrency and Forex market, a group of investors and traders turn their attention to it. It can also generate more profits than any other markets for traders and investors from the Cryptocurrency and Forex market. As a result, this gave rise of a group of traders, and who deal with profits from other markets, such as Forex market, the stock market and other markets, make a profit from Cryptocurrency market. But trading from artificial intelligence (AI) is still few. Form previous statistic measurement, AI trading (AI) can be profitable and save more time. Consequently, this project has been set up:

•  To solve trading that takes a lot of time without taking the whole day sitting and monitoring for a long time.

• To utilize a technology called artificial intelligence (AI).

• To generate income for investors who do not have time doing the trade. to trade

• To share benefits to communities possessing B2C coin using blockchain technology supporting security issues.

            Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligent programme profiting from the price of the up-down by merely setting the amount we want. When the price of the up-down hits to the value we set, there will be an automatic buy – sale. How are investors /traders benefited?  B2C  helps reduce the risk due to price volatility in the Cryptocurrency and Forex market and helps generate profits to pay dividends to investors possessing B2coins.

        Since B2C has supporting funds in the market, so it is in low volatility that people can  possess it as an asset in the form of a precious currency. If it is developed on the blockchain  in Decentrslize form, it will help and attract investors to dare to invest with. Because the blockchain system is supporting system known for the safest system B2coin’s goal is to make block-building assets available immediately in the future. B2coin believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology can replace the payment in the future.




1.      What is B2botonline

2.      Vision

3.      Solution

4.      Target Market

4.1   Crypto investors

4.2   Standard customers

4.3  E-commerce and self-employed individuals


5.1       Erc20 Technology Basis

5.2       Peer-to-Peer Network

5.3       Smart contract



6.      What is B2botonline?

1.      What makes B2coin different?

2.      The Goal of B2coin

3.      Roadmap

1. What is B2coin Platform (B2C)?

            Just like Ethereum, B2coin is a decentralized peer to peer digital coin that is not controlled by any central institutions or governments. It is an open-source platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities. Imvestcoin coin is designed to be a digital currency that can be used to store value and to

B2coin has a low swing price as it has supporting funds in the market. Funds in this section are from AI bots trading (Robot trading). The profit each month is divided into three parts:

(1) The Company has the policy to buy  coins back  (30%)

(2) 30% dividends paid to investors  possessing coins

(3) Increasing 40% in the bot trading in the long term will reduce supply, increases demand for the market and the value of the coin as well.

2. Vision

Cryptocurrency in the early stage of development, there is an expansion and continuity with many projects invented and utilized what is called Artificial Intelligence for benefits to the community and to the world. B2C core team sees if the artificial intelligence (AI) is applied to the trading, this will help create properties saves more time. AI is the key to effective solutions. With the ability to learn, AI is the key to enhancing human performance in the most valuable time.


          Security is the first priority within our decentralized platform. We utilize the popular Ethereum Blockchain technology allowing other developers to join seamlessly and without worry. B2coin will provide a secure solution for digital investment and trading B2C based-Blockchain technology. B2coin contributes to redefining the core trends of cryptocurrency in the present and future to generate positive changes in the way that crypto is viewed and accepted in the next 3 to 5 years. B2coin  is not lonely of cryptocurrency, but a platform that can create endless benefits. 

3. Solution

B2coin is a newly introduced cryptocurrency, a pioneer in exploring the potentials of more than 1,565 cryptocurrencies. B2coin continuously enhances its value through the community. We offer special solutions that allow investors to maximize profit from B2coin and more than 1,565 other cryptocurrencies in the market.

4. Target Market                              

4.1 Crypto investors

Fiat currency keeps pouring into digital assets. Digital currencies also continue to take market share from other assets such as stocks, bonds, precious metals, and alternative investments. These participants can use B2C for protecting cryptocurrency volatility. B2C can also be used to save their assets within long-term crypto investment.

4.2 Standard customers

These customers may want to buy B2C as a cryptocurrency or as a type of security.

4.3 E-commerce and self-employed individuals


5.1  Erc20 Technology Basis

B2coin (B2C) was developed based on the ERC20 Ethereum token and  B2coin (B2C) is running on an Ethereum blockchain-based system.B2coin – Ethereum Token ERC20 or Ethereum token ERC20 is being issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It ensures all of the digital assets to be used across different platforms and projects. Thus, B2coin (B2C) will follow the standard functions of ERC20.

5.2  Peer-to-Peer Network  

Instead of running on a centralized server model, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks will operate in groups of computers or distributed platforms, each of which acts as a node to share files in a group. B2coin – P2P transaction

Instead of running on a centralized server model, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks will operate in groups of computers or distributed platforms, each of which acts as a node to share files in a group.

B2coin is a peer to peer mode of exchanging value, there are no intermediators or central banks involved, it is purely controlled by its users across the world.


5.3 Smart contract

Smart Contract allows the two parties to work and transact on the Internet without intermediaries. Such applications work exactly like programmers without any downtime



There will only be a maximum supply of 650 million coins. This will ensure that the price of B2Coin will always be rising as there will be a limited supply, the closer we reach the maximum supply in circulation it will increase demand and scarcity of the coin which in turn will cause the price to rise.




6.  What is B2botonline?

B2botonline is a specialist engineering team solfware development system using ai to invest in the Stock market Forex and Crytocurency. 

Thepast is behind the success of many become global financial institution. B2bot leadership development aiused in trades, Can generate a stable, safe with trading strategies in all market. Especially cryptocurrency and Forex.


7. What makes B2coin different?

·         B2coin has a fund gaining profits from the support of AI system and interests gained will be used for managing the various parts that benefit the coin.

·         30% dividends will be paid to investors who possess coins monthly from interests earned from AI.

·         • The company has increased 40% capital in the bot trading every month from earned interest from AI revenue.

·          There is a low swing price as B2C has supporting funds and unceasing management.

·          B2C helps solve trading problems that take many times without taking the whole day, sitting and monitoring.

·         B2C utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI).


·         B2C helps generate earnings for investors who themselves have no time to do the trade.

·          B2C shares earnings to the communities that possess B2C coins by using blockchain technology to support security.

·         In the long term, B2C will reduce supply, increases demand for the market and the value of coins.

·         Perpetual Existence of Digital Assets: All asset data is recorded on the blockchain and exists indefinitely. Even if B2coin folds, every proof  generated can be verified and are admissible in a court of law in the applicable jurisdiction

·         Strong technical protection: Technological issues are a priority to protect

·         capital & users from any attack. B2coin can solve these problems confidently.


8. The Goal of B2coin

        B2C utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve trading problems that take many times without taking the whole day, sitting and monitoring. B2C also shares earnings with the communities that possess B2C coins by using blockchain technology to support security. B2C is not only the future of cryptocurrency, but the platform that can generate endless benefits.

 B2coin Parameters

B2coin will issue a token called B2C.

            Token name : B2coin

            Symbol : B2C

            Total Supply : 650,000,000 B2C

            Contract : 0xc680305980c58dd03e518563961222ca8d792b64

            Decimals : 18

            Bitcoin Talk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5148294



B2coin is a coin that is made to use as an intermediary in exchange, convenient, fast and safe within the community.



B2C is not only a digital currency, but many useful multi-function platforms are available for businessmen, investors who are interested and are part of our community. Our company focuses on the Southeast Asian market (especially China) Latin America and Europe.

In the Roadmap section, we plan long term so that we will have financial institutions and represent financial institutions that can provide services to people around the world.

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